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HLA-DR1 residues of the ß chain that contact the antigenic peptide and/or the TCR:
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Residue #Peptide binding site (1)Peptide binding site (2)TCR binding site (3)Peptide binding siteTCR binding site
9XX-X -
11XX- X-
13XX- X-
26-X- X-
28XX- X-
30XX- X-
32X-- X-
37X-- X-
38XX- X-
47XX- X-
56XX- X-
57-X- X-
60XX- X-
61XX- X-
64--X -X
65XX- X-
66--X -X
67-X- X-
68X-- X-
69--X -X
71XX- X-
74XX- X-
77-XX XX
78XX- X-
82XX- X-
85XX- X-
86XX- X-
88X-- X-
89XX- X-
90-X- X-


(1) Assignment according to the study by Brown et al.
(2) Assignment according to the study by Stern et al.
(3) Assignment according to the study by Hennecke et al.

The assignment to the peptide or to the TCR binding site, as given in the literature, is shown in columns 2-4, whereby "X" denotes assignment, and "-" denotes no assignment. When a residue was assigned to be part of the peptide binding site only in one the studies addressing this question (Brown et al., Stern et al.), for HistoCheck it was nevertheless assigned to this region (column 5). Since the assignment to the TCR binding site was only based on a single study (Hennecke et al.), the study's and HistoCheck's assignment are identical (columns 4 and 6).

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