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The HistoCheck HLA sequence interpreter is the transformation of the dissimilarity score concept into a an internet-based computer program, which is intended to provide an easy-to-administer tool for comparing the allogenicity of different HLA class I and class II mismatches. Although the HLA match is only one player in the donor selection algorithm, the dissimilarity score may help to weight the immunogenetic variable in the selection procedure. Studies focusing on the systematic analysis of a reduced number of mismatches may be helpful in order to further improve the theoretical model proposed here. However, as long as such studies are not available, the present knowledge on the structure and function of MHC molecules, as in part reflected by the dissimilarity score, may be utilized in order to bring HLA matching a step away from being a matter of chance.

Permissiveness scoring is currently only available for HLA-DPB1 and may get available for other HLA class II loci in the future.
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