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HistoCheck's databases contain HLA sequences from the HLA Informatics Group when doing compatibility checks. You may view the alleles for the following genes:

In addition to the amino acid sequence, calculating the dissimilarity score requires information about the function of each given amino acid i.e. whether it is peptide-binding or in contact with the T-cell receptor. This information has been collected from several sources and can be found in the following tables:

Table 1.HLA class I residues that contact the antigenic peptide and/ or the TCR                       html or word
Table 2. HLA-DR1 residues of the ß chain that contact the antigenic peptide and/or the TCR                    html or word
Table 3. Risler's Amino Acid Substitution Matrix html or word

Shared T-Cell Epitope Algorithms for HLA-DPB1

Table 1. Evidence based [TCE3_EB,TCE4_EB] and Sequence based [TCE4_SB] HLA-DPB1         
alleles Classification Table
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